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Mark's first album, includes 10 original songs and showcases Mark's cool blues guitar and soulful vocals.

"This band has the blues by the -----! Don't miss 'em!

There isn't a blues singer or guitar player that does it quite like Mark Armstrong. He has possibly the most unique pickin' style on guitar of all the great blues players. It ranks right up there with Stacey Mitchart, B.B.King & other great superstars."
Robert Metzgar@Legends Hall of Fame

Mark "Philly Boy Blue" Armstrong hails from the Delaware River Delta region, the delta of the north, the suburban Philadelphia blues mecca of Broomall, PA. Well, I know, white upper-middle class Broomall is not exactly known as a Blues town but it goes to show that the blues, like lightning, can strike anywhere. And, like lightning, when the blues hit, it goes right through to your soul. The first time Mark heard Johnny Winter tear off "Mean Town Blues" or Alvin Lee do "Goin' Home" the blues, the lightning and his soul all merged and he knew he needed an instrument to play. His father bought him an American Ace harmonica at the Greyhound Bus terminal when he was 10. Mark bought his first guitar at age 12 for seven dollars. In 1972, he played a harmonica part on a recording of his high school's band, choir and orchestra (figure that one out!) On his 15th birthday, after months of begging, his father bought him a banjo.

Not exactly a standard blues instrument, but it played and the lightning flowed.

In fact, the blues never left. In 1988, he formed the Blue Route Band, who played locally in bars, at house parties and on the Blue Route Highway at its opening celebration - opening for Philadelphia legend Ken Kweeder. In 2001, Mark joined the Alligator Zydeco Band lending his blue styles to the authentic roots music. While in the Zydeco band, he played across a six-state area, including local venues such as Warmdaddy's, The Jam on the River and the Bucks County Blues Society's annual summer picnic.

At an open jam at Warmdaddy's, Chicago Red said "I like your style, would you finish out the night with us?" Later Big Jack Johnson told him "You should be out there playing. You'd be on one side of town taking people from my show!" Mark has also played in Greenwich Village with Adam Gussow of Saton & Adam, and local blues great Randy Lippincott. While visiting Memphis, he met a group of Mississippi Delta musicians who were playing one sunny afternoon on Beale Street. They asked him to "sit in" on a song with them. He turned a one-day visit into a three-day stay. The delta boys knew he had the blues, those boys knew he played the blues- they called him "Philly Boy Blue".

Since then, he's been playing solo, duo, and trio gigs around the Philadelphia, PA area.
Mark's playing style and vocals pleases audiences every time. He plays with feeling, from the soul, leaving audiences wanting more.

Glenn Abrams

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